TP Vision (EN)

Sports and super slow motion, every shot we created had so much potential!

A full studio shoot with: water, real grass, artificial grass, explosive movements, an Ajax player, a high-speed camera and a football cannon.

For TP-vision we made unbranded football shots to promote the World Cup. With an eye for color and movement so that it would be a perfect fit for ambilight TVs.

If you’re curious what the studio looked like: check out this instagram post!

Client: TP Vision
Agency: FEL
Production Company: Wenneker Amsterdam
Post Production: Wenneker Amsterdam

DOP: Remko Schnorr

Creatives: Bastiaan van der Staay, Ferry Bol, Tim Timmermans
Producer: Elles Markx (Wenneker Amsterdam)

Phantom operator: Rob van Dam
Camera assistant: Django de groot
Gaffer: Uwe Kuipers
Setdresser: Gwendoline Pluim