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My work is based on a belief: ‘I think when you want to get to know a person or want to taste real authenticity there is a way, but only when you find the right emotional touch points within that person, and your crew, so they start believing it. And as a director that’s my responsibility’. 

That is why my strength lies in conjuring up unexpected moments from the everyday. In the past 8 years as fulltime director I developed a loose style for capturing intimate details in all kinds of production, whether it be in commercials or bringing out believable and moving performances from my cast.


There is always the ‘in the box’, the concept is there, the ideas and expectations are presented. Then that moment of finding that natural or intuitive expression or identifying with the person and project in front of us. The ability to improvise and respond in the face of the unexpected is what will make a work interesting, start with a base but really see what’s in front of you. This will make an outcome more resonant and meaningful, not just to the client but for the viewer as well.


Using the energy of the actors, a crazy idea of a crew member so you can capture some intimate and unforeseen details.

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