Philips coffee (EN)

Philips coffee wanted to take a new direction, shifting the focus from product to the ‘happy moments’ enjoying the coffee. After devising and writing a number of concepts, the choice was made for ‘coffee moments’.

All facets had to match the profiles briefed by Philips. What kind of coffee do certain people drink, when does a scene feel most authentic and how credible does the ‘made couple’ tell our story.

This is the first Philips coffee in a series. Subsequently, numerous videos were made that fully correspond to this concept. Thinking up and starting up was great. Certainly to see that the concept is still in use.

Client: Philips
Production Company: Wenneker Amsterdam
Post Production: Wenneker Amsterdam

DOP: Job Kraaijeveld

Producer: Menno Koop

Styling: Fieke Nicolai
Art: Gwendoline Pluim

Editor: Francisco Rodriguez
Grading: Onno Varenkamp
Audio: Remko Keuter (Audioville)