Staight away (EN)

“Are you sure you want that …”

For Straight away I made two loosely feeling commercials together with Meraki content agency. With the question in mind: how can you shoot an “inner voice” without making it sound too disapproving?

We feel with our actress who, after a busy day, craves for something unhealthy to eat. Fortunately, Straight away comes just in time with a better alternative!

In addition to the two TV commercials, add-ons, brand promos and cut downs have also been made, which can still be seen regularly.

Further projects with Meraki content agency are: D-Reizen & VakantieXperts and TedX.

Client: Straight away
Agency: BrandDeli
Production Company: MERAKI Content Agency

DOP: Job Kraaijeveld

Producer: Tamara Vosmaer (MERAKI Content Agency), Chantal Ebbinge (BrandDeli)

Focus: Tein Brouwer
Gaffer: Bart van Tunen
Setdresser: Cecile Hanrath
Visagie: Timothy Radstaat

Editor: Mike Vosmaer
Grading: Fireplace post production
Graphics: Shosho

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